Boyer Rambouillet
Boyer Land and Livestock
Tom, Carrie and Maren Boyer
Coalville, Utah
In 1955, my grandfather, Joe, gave me a bum lamb. He told me that she was a good lamb and would make me a good sheep when she got older. Being 4 years old, I did not understand how much he loved the sheep and how much he wanted me to have that same love for them. But the lamb grew into a great ewe and she was on the farm until her death in 1965. She produced a set of twin lambs every year. I was hooked on sheep. In 1964, my grandfather gave me three Registered Hampshire ewes and I was in the registered sheep business. Those ewes produced well, but we had a hard time keeping them healthy and so in October 1966, I went with my FFA leader to Utah State University and we purchased several registered Rambouillet ewes. In November, I took one of the ewes along with some Hampshire ewes to the Golden Spike National Livestock Show in Ogden. A train pulled in and I met Jim Davidson as he brought in a winning set of Rambouillets. I asked him if he would sell me a few sheep and he said to bring over a truck. My father and I made the trip and Jim filled the truck with some great bred ewes. Since that time the Boyer Rambouillet flock has evolved into a premier flock. Both ewes and rams have been exported to India, Pakistan, Ecuador, Mexico, and Canada. Our sheep are very popular in show & sale rings in the United States.
Call us for sales information...we normally have ewe lambs, older ewes, range rams and stud rams for sale.
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