Our Mission
Providing leadership in genetic advancement of sheep and meat goat industries and assisting those with whom we work to reach their highest potential in profitability and enjoyment of life.
Boyer Land and Livestock
Tom, Carrie & Maren Boyer
Coalville, Utah
Our History
In the early 1850’s William Boyer arrived in the Salt Lake Valley from England. As he was a coal miner and entrepreneur, Brigham Young sent him to Coalville to begin the development of coal mines. Later his son, Joseph Henry discovered that he would rather work with livestock than mine coal, so he started large commercial herds of sheep and cattle. Later his son, Joseph LaVern, found that you could survive the Great Depression if you both mined coal and raised livestock. Livestock enterprises on the ranch have included Royal Blood Horse, a well known Quarter Horse racing entity; a hybrid herd of high production beef cattle, draft horses, and the famous Boyer Rambouillet flock that is well known in the United States a source flock for stud rams and ewes. In 1992, Carrie Gibson, also a third generation sheep producer, became a full partner in Boyer Land and Livestock. In 1994, Carrie purchased the first fullblood Boer buck and crossed him on the motley crew of fullblood Sannen nurse goats that had been a part of the sheep operation for years. The first cross made us believers and fullblood Boer does were soon purchased. In 2008 the Boyer Boer flock, known as Chalk Creek Boers, consisted of 350+ goats after importing the new Australian genetics to the USA. Since then we have downsized the herd, focusing on show wethers and commercial seedstock. Our commitment to the Boers is the same as it has been to the Rambouillets, ‘only the finest’!